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"Akhepran Scholars Join EDMODO"

The teachers and scholars of Akhepran International Academy have join 32 million teachers and students on Edmodo!     Read more...

"Welcome to Akhepran International Academy"

               In June 2011, the manifestation of a brave, new endeavour resulted in the establishment of Akhepran International Academy. The name Akhepran is derived from an ancient African / Kemetic word Khepra which refers to the scarabeous beetle. The beetle has long been the study of our ancestors who recognized that the dung beetle or Khepri bug is a most resilient and strong creation of God. During s... Read more...

"Scholars enjoy Judo and Silent Time"

  Scholars at Akhepran are taught Judo, Fencing and Discipline via Silent Time.



"Akhepran Swimming Stars"

  Scholars at Akhepran International Academy splashed with joy and excitement when the swimming programme was launched in September 2014!






The schola...



    Akhepran MIGHTY SCARABS junior basketball team dealt a fleeting blow to Mt. Carmel and made history by winning the Bahamas Scholastics Athletic Association Basketball Championship games.


  • "Akhepran Scholars Join EDMODO"

  • "Welcome to Akhepran International Acade

  • "Scholars enjoy Judo and Silent Time"

  • "Akhepran Swimming Stars"


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"Akhepran Scholars Join EDMODO"


The teachers and scholars of Akhepran International Academy have join over 32 million teachers and students safely connecting in online classrooms, collaborating on assignments, discovering new resources, and more! Edmodo is a very powerful teaching and learning online programme that allows live, simple and fun ways for teachers, scholars and parents to connect with each other. Edomodo is an educational version of facebook where scholars are allowed to post questions, do online tests, received immediate feedback of test scores, and post questions for teachers. Additionally teachers are able to post videos for scholars to watch and learn concepts in every subject, post exams and quizzes and share homework and class assignments with scholars and parents. Edmodo is an excellent learning tool which enhances the scholars educational experiences and assists teachers to spend more time teaching and less time marking. Edmodo is the most effective way to keep parents active and informed about the progress of their child.