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"Akhepran Scholars Join EDMODO"

The teachers and scholars of Akhepran International Academy have join 32 million teachers and students on Edmodo!     Read more...

"Welcome to Akhepran International Academy"

               In June 2011, the manifestation of a brave, new endeavour resulted in the establishment of Akhepran International Academy. The name Akhepran is derived from an ancient African / Kemetic word Khepra which refers to the scarabeous beetle. The beetle has long been the study of our ancestors who recognized that the dung beetle or Khepri bug is a most resilient and strong creation of God. During s... Read more...

"Scholars enjoy Judo and Silent Time"

  Scholars at Akhepran are taught Judo, Fencing and Discipline via Silent Time.



"Akhepran Swimming Stars"

  Scholars at Akhepran International Academy splashed with joy and excitement when the swimming programme was launched in September 2014!






The schola...



    Akhepran MIGHTY SCARABS junior basketball team dealt a fleeting blow to Mt. Carmel and made history by winning the Bahamas Scholastics Athletic Association Basketball Championship games.


  • "Akhepran Scholars Join EDMODO"

  • "Welcome to Akhepran International Acade

  • "Scholars enjoy Judo and Silent Time"

  • "Akhepran Swimming Stars"


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"Akhepran Swimming Stars"

Image 5  Scholars at Akhepran International Academy splashed with joy and excitement when the swimming programme was launched in September 2014!






Image 5

The scholars of Akhepran International Academy celebrated a great feat when the swimming programme was launched September 2013. The scholars were taught by a competent team of teachers led by Mr. Cleveland Eneas III, Mrs. Leanora Hawk and Mr. Ivanhoe Robinson. The experience was a funfilled, exciting one as the scholars got an opportunity to explore and exhibit their various swimming talents and styles. The range of swimming experience extended to those who were very afraid of putting their heads in the water, to those who ended up teaching and coaching their peers. At the end of the term long training the following students emerged as the top swimmers: Ariannah Bain, ___________  ______________ and _____________ .

Swimming is one of the important physical education providing sports activities and exercises to accomplish physical and mental fitness. Swimming has equivalent general health effect to weight bearing exercises helping to develop muscular strength.

Why swimming sports and exercises are important?

Physical education is an integral part of education in school level improve physical activities and mental refreshment for the students to boost energy and enthusiasm to learn more with concentration through their assigned syllabus and class room tasks.

What are benefits of swimming?

Swimming is an integrated exercise combining all the physical activities of human body and internal organisms which are discussed as below:
1. Through swimming one can gain muscles in all parts of the body and articulation of bone joints for effective body movement and activity.
2. Habits of swimming in scheduled program will build up patience and endurance, muscle strength and improvement of respiratory system.

Physical exercises through swimming can be helpful for reducing excess fats in the body keeping body weight normal according to age group.
1. Through swimming one can relax and refresh mind set up for doing more work without any distractions.
2. Swimming is also considered as water therapy to maintain blood circulation normal.
3. Physical activities through swimming practices can improve functions of lungs and heart and also prevent chances of diabetes.
4. Arthritis and muscular are common problem now a days which can be avoided through swimming in the fresh water of the pool.
5. Swimming can help to develop individual skills like self-discipline, mental strength, sense of time management and courage to participate in school sports activities.