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"Campus "

Akhepran International Academy is located in the heart of Fox Hill Village, on the corner of Bernard Road and Grant Street. The primary structure is a three storey building on 1/2 acre of property. The school has a basketball and tennis court, swing playground corner, backyard wooden pavilion and a small garden plot. Adjacent to the school is a lush green plot of land with fruit bearing trees and natural ecosystems which the students used for research projects. The school's swimming, snorkelling and track and field programmes are located on other nearby sites. To achieve the completion of our living curriculum experience the scholars of Akhepran are transported to various sites and facilities for swimming, track and field sports, and ecosystem research. There are approximately 7 field trips planned for each grade during the school year. The students visit places like:

Netties Heritage House, Clifton National Heritage Park, Adastra Gardens, Garden of Eden, Community park, meteorological "Met" Office - LPI Airport, Coke Cola Factory, Pirates of Nassau, Senate and House of Assembly, Bonefish Pond, Her Majesty's Prison, Fire Department, Bahamas National Trust, Fresh Market etc.








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