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"Why AIA?"


1.  Each Child is a Gift from God.


  At Akhepran, each child is considered a Divine Being. Each child has a divine assignment to complete in life. We help the students to discern their divine God-given Skills by learning Subjects, and pursuing the Spiritual purpose for which they were born. At Akhepran International Academy we educate the WHOLE CHILD.


2.  Trinity Teaching Model


  At Akhepran we tap into the divinity of each child by using a “Trinity of Teaching” approach, which includes uniting and mastering the SUBJECTS, SKILLS AND SPIRIT.

Regular subjects for the GLAT, BJC, BGCSE, SAT and ACT Examinations are taught because they will help later pursue and study their major degree in college which will lead to their career and PROFESSION in life.  We also focus on a wide variety of skills courses in arts, music, dance, drama and  to allow the scholars an opportunity to explore the interests and thereby develop their God given talents and PASSION.   At Akhepran we place great emphasis on reminding scholars of the need to daily make connections with God and pray every day for spiritual guidance, protection, wisdom and mercy. Our Spiritual focus is a critical aspect of our training, in order for us to prepare true global leaders.  The Bible, daily prayers, silent meditations and songs are just a few ways our students remain connected to God. This is done during “Silent Time”, daily assemblies, and at retreats. We encourage each child to spend time in silence with God so that they may strengthen and know their divine PURPOSE.


3. Ancient African Wisdom and Values


   We teach the importance of our ancestral heritage, African history and our grandparents legacy. All scholars must learn and recite the 42 principles of Maat which is ancient African mantra that includes the need for a person to be humble, respectful, obedient, honest, forgiving, kind and compassionate. We also teach them old “sayings” or proverbs which teach the scholars powerful life lessons in parables. Examples: Be careful how you pull your hand out of the Lion’s mouth; You will have a long run and a short catch; Eye winker been here before beard. Rites of Passage and graduation ceremonies are integral to our curriculum, as we prepare and celebrate our young men and women move into adulthood.  We address many of the problems in our country by  teaching the wisdom of our great grandparents to our students.


4. School hours 7:30am to 5pm


  Our students are encouraged to compete on a global level with children around the world and so from 7:30am to 5pm our students work hard and play hard to achieve success. Bahamian children attend school for approximately six and a half hours per day. Most dismissal bells ring around 2:30 p.m., some as early as 1:30pm on staff meeting days. Despite the widespread impression that children spend much of their time in school, the truth is they go to school for only about 20 percent or one-fifth of their waking hours. These numbers help explain why our students and families are so poorly served by the educational system. At Akhepran we offer a genuine solution to our educational crisis. A powerful, realistic, attainable transformation and re-authoring of  education, our 9.5 hours per school day, reinvigorates our scholars’ lives, dramatically improving academic success while narrowing the achievement gap, broadening and deepening what the children learn, helping teachers become more effective, bringing greatly needed relief to parents who get off from work at 5pm, and making kids and neighborhoods safer by reducing juvenile crime, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, car accidents, and mindless television watching and videogame playing.


5. BYOD School


  Akhepran International Academy is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop or Ipad. Technology is central to our curriculum as we endeavor to prepare and train 21st Century global Scholars. Each child in grades 1 thru 12 is required to have a laptop or iPad for classes. Edmodo and Study Sync are online educational programs used to enhance our lessons. From grade 1, Akhepran scholars are taught how to use and repair cameras, laptops and computer CPU devices. They are also taught proper use and consequences of inappropriate use of social media.  They are taught that their voice is their Spirit thus every child’s voice must be heard. They are able to utilize technology to express their voices by preparing and presenting PowerPoint presentations as assignments which also enhances their public speaking skills.


6. College Readiness and Career Curriculum

  This past year we celebrated our best BJC and BGCSE results and we are grateful that our students did well on the SAT and ACT examinations for College. We are proud of our scholars who now attend COB, BTVI and various Universities and Colleges in the United States. Our #1 goal is for EVERY Akhepran scholar to have the opportunity to attend college or university. They interact with professors and University students who share insights about how to apply for, prepare for and survive college life. Our 11th and 12th grade scholars are required to prepare their resume, college portfolio, attend annual college fairs and of course prepare for the ACT and SAT college entry examinations.



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