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What type of curriculum is being used?

a. Technology Online Curricula Programs with use of internet and resource books.

b. Ministry of Education Curriculum – We prepare our scholars to sit the GLAT, BJC, BGCSE and SAT national and international examinations.

c. Individual Student Curriculum Portfolio

d. Integrative and thematic Curricula where concepts and content from various subjects will be merged into each lesson.

 Who is required to have a lap top or IPad?

All students from grades1—12 must have an IPad or laptop. The scholars at Akhepran International Academy are mandated to have a laptop OR IPad device to enhance their learning experiences and increase their research and study skills.  

 What are the laptop/IPad specifications?

1. Minimum 15.6 Inch screen  4 GB RAM DVD+/- RW Drive 250 GB Hard Drive

2. Intel core i3 370m (2.40 EH2) processing speed or 64 Bit processing speed

3. Microsoft Office Suite, full version 9word, excel, PowerPoint, publisher)

4. Head phones and flash drive required.  Lap top sleeve or IPad case recommended.

5. Ipad-16GB and should be 2nd –4th Generation.

 Are students permitted to bring cell phones, iPod, and other electronic devices to school?

Yes. Akhepran International Academy is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology driven school where students record notes, organize and manage events, assignments and goal planning ideas on their cell phones etc. Cell phones are also useful when students wish to communicate their locations, change of plan or venue and request for assistance to parents.

 What is the school’s responsibility in the event the cell phone or electronic device is stolen or damaged?

Akhepran International Academy, Board of Directors, administrators, teachers and support staff will not be held responsible or liable for any stolen, missing, lost, damaged cell phone, IPad, laptop, or device. Each parent will sign a BYOD contract indicating their understanding and agreement of this matter.  Students will be taught how to properly care for and secure their devices and to take responsibility for their own device.

 What is the registration and enrollment procedure?

1. Each student must sit an entrance exam. Cost is $60.  

2. Once the student is accepted, the following documentation and fee must be

        completed and submitted to the office. 

             a. Student application/registration form

            b. Registration or Seat fee of ($100 is non-refundable)

            c. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate

            d. 2 Recent Passport Photos

            e. Immunization Card

            f. Medical Form (provided by the school office)

            g. Last two report cards

            h. Transcripts/Other relevant academic records

            i. Copy of National Insurance Card

            j. Student Identification card form (provided by the school office)

            k. Student Insurance form (provided by the school office)

 3.  The  student and parents/guardians are required to be interviewed by the

Principal. (Unavailability of any of the aforementioned documents may be addressed at this time.)



How many students per class?

Secondary class size average 20 students per class. Primary class size average 15 students.

By what date must my child be 3 or 4 to enter K3 or K4 respectively?

The student must turn 3 or 4 by Sept. 30th and must also be toilet trained.

When does school begin for NEW and RETURNING students?

Monday 1st September 2014 – Tuesday 2nd September 2014 - ONLY New students.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 – ALL RETURNING STUDENTS

Is there a lunch program? 

Yes. Hot breakfast and lunch meals are served. Vegetarian meals are available once the order is requested and paid for in advance. Parents and guardians are asked to pay money directly to lunch vendor to ensure efficient communication.

Will there be a nurse on staff?

No. Students who need medical attention will be taken to the Medi Centre on Prince Charles Drive or to Fox Hill clinic which is 5 minutes away.


 What is the UNIFORM for the students?


Uniform Polo or Golf tops and Khaki bottoms may be purchased from Sandy’s or any store. Guidelines are listed in the information below:





Kindergarten, 1, 2,3,4,5, and 6

Fire Engine Red

French Toast

7, 8 and 9


French Toast

10, 11 and 12

Kelly Green






Kindergarten, 1, 2,3,4,5, and 6

Khaki short pants

Khaki pleated skirt or skorts

7, 8 and 9

Khaki Long Pants

Khaki pleated skirt

10, 11 and 12

Khaki Long Pants

Khaki pleated skirt


Jackets: Black blazer; Black jacket; Black windbreaker; Black sweater (No stripes, patches, or name brand colors on the jackets or sweaters).

Formal Dress Uniform: African or Androsia Dashiki / Blouse (Boys and Girls) – To be worn for official ceremonies, assemblies, every Monday in February and on some field trips. (Available at AIA Office)

PE Uniform: shirts may be purchased from AIA office

Black sports pants – long or short (decent length and fitness for girls required)

Shoes and Tennis:Black low comfortable shoes. No open toe shoes or slippers permitted on campus. White Tennis for P.E. 

Socks:Boys - Black           Girls - Tan

Hair styles:Hair braids, locks, head wraps, and weaves are permitted based on administrative negotiation and consent.



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