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Akhepran Thanksgiving Festivites

Akhepran International Academy staff and scholars celebrated Thanksgiving in grand style on Friday, 27th November 2015. Parents and friends of Akhepran joined in the assembly and festivities of the day and enjoyed every moment. The school band and flagettes were a favorite team for the morning as the red, green and yellow flags were beautifully swayed from left to right throughout the audience and on centre stage. Band Director Kelsin Burrows accompanied by David and Aaron Brown on the piano lifted the hearts and voices of all present as the traditional and jazzy songs of harvest were song. Class after class the scholars performed magnificent talents in song, dance, drama, poetry and choral speaking.Grade 10 lead by scholar Brandylee received a resounding standing ovation from the audience for their spectacular performance. Ianna Cartwright manifested a powerful liturgical dance and the Akhepran Choir sent vibratory chords to heaven with their melodic songs.

Moderators Trae Watkins and Antonique Newry - Head Boy and Head Girl respectively did a marvelous job in leading the ceremony and were commendably assisted by members of the Council of Maat leadership team and the primary scholars. The parade of Akhepran Symbols and the African Circle of Life Dance were both solemn and enlightening moments which were spiritually linked to Rev. Kellen Russell's "must hear again" God Divine Sermon and Charge to the audience.

All eyes were pinned to Rev. Russell as he poured out his Spirit and allowed God to speak through him to all present. His key points were to be grateful for all things and blessings in one's life, give God thanks for all experiences you encounter even the bad ones and always praise and trust God so that you may rise above all challenges and successfully achieve your goals. He used powerful personal examples from his 30 years of life including his conception to present day. The festivities continued with an hilarious and talent-filled show, a scrumptious luncheon thanksgiving feast and a dance which the staff and scholars enjoyed.

A hearty and most grateful spirit of thanks and love are extended to Mrs. Doreth Campbell, Mrs. Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. Mullings & family, Mrs. Flowers, Miss Johnson and Mrs. Hawk for organizing the event, to all the parents and guardians who gave so generously and purchased tickets, to all staff who guided the class performances, served and prepared food items, supervised the talent show, patrolled and ensured safety, drove around Nassau to collect food items and to deliver meals to patrons, and music directors. We give thanks!  Hotep!  Maat!  Amen!


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